Meeting minutes 10/26/18

Friday, October 26, 2018 at 11:00 am

  1. Welcome:
  2. Attendance: Melissa Sacks, Lindsey Dawson, Monnie Bigger, Carrie Wiggins, Chelsey Rodgers, Lisa Justice, Jessica Pickett, Rutyana Avila, Pamela Schaafsma, Pam Christison, Stephanie Quintana, Melissa Montero, Brittany Mullins, Jessica Holtey, Carrie Englestad
  3. FTO Email: Please have families sign up for emails –
  4. FTO Board Update: Amanda Darnell has taken a teaching position at CWFS so we are needing to replace her on the FTO board that will be coming in Fall 2019. Ruti Avila has gracious accepted the invite to take Amanda’s place for the rest of this school year.
  5. Financials: Lorena, treasurer
    1. Budget Update: See the financials sheet, if interested. Nothing really new to report at this time.  We are still asking for all families to contribute toward the fine arts allotment, which is $40.00 per student.  We have the teachers for the fall semester taken care so they can buy supplies, etc for Art and Poetry.  We will do the $250.00 allotment to each teacher in the spring for the performance in the spring.  We really need everyone to contribute as much as they can! Currently, we have about $3500.00 in family contributions.  
    2. Used Book Sale: Went very well. We had quite a few books left over and we are in the process of sorting through them and donating what we can to various causes throughout Albuquerque.  We made $1100.00
    3. Service Learning: FTO will be able to fund service learning for 6 and 7th graders this year.
  6. Fundraisers:
    1. Box Tops: Have been shipped for the fall semester. Total submitted 2846.  Check from Box Tops will be about $300.00
    2. Smith’s: If you haven’t already enrolled your Smith’s card, please do so through your Smith’s online account. CWFS receives a portion of your spending at no cost to you!
    3. Amazon Smile: When using Amazon, make sure you go the Amazon Smile website and designate CWFS as your place to benefit. A portion of what you spend comes right to the school.  You can shop on your regular Amazon account or the App and put things in your cart and then make sure to check out through Amazon Smile so CWFS gets the credit!
    4. Caring Cents: You can enroll your credit cards in this program and each time you use your credit card, it will round up to the next dollar amount and that amount will be donated to the school. You can set a cap amount for each month so you only donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.
  7. Yearbook 2018-2019: Jessica Holtey
    1. Yearbook committee has decided year books will be purchased through The committee will put the books together online.  You will be able to customize 2 pages for your child’s yearbook, if you want to.  You can pay for more customized pages if you so desire.  The deadline to order is 03/27/2019.  FTO will not be ordering extra yearbooks to have in-stock for anyone who does not order.  Please order your yearbooks online as this is the only way you will get one!!!! More information to follow via email, etc..
  8. Upcoming Events:
    1. Parent-Teacher conferences: November 1 – November 12 (based on Mr. Doug’s class.
    2. Collapsed days: ALL students will attend at the same time each day from 8:00-12:30
      1. November 1, 6, 7, 8
    3. Coffee in the Courtyard: Friday, November 9 at 8:00
    4. Art & Poetry Coordinator Meeting: Friday, October 9, following Coffee in Courtyard
    5. Landscaping day: Throughout the morning. We need as many volunteers as possible to help pull weeds and clean up our school grounds.  If anyone has a pick up to haul the weeds away, please let the FTO know!
    6. Picture Retakes: November 16
    7. Tummy Ticklers: November 16 right after school
    8. Thanksgiving week: Tuesday is a regular school day. The rest of the week we are off!
    9. Art & Poetry: Wednesday, December 19 5:00 – 7:30 pm
  9. Art & Poetry:
    1. Classroom Coordinators: We need 1-2 parents per class to fill this role. This is NOT the classroom Representative.  This is in addition to the Class rep!  Please see the handout given at meeting for the responsibilities of the classroom representatives.  (Kathy has these as well)
      1. Talk with your teacher. Encourage them to have a December meeting that is for setting up the room or for helping to complete mounting of artwork/projects, etc.
    2. Cookies and drinks: We are asking each family to bring 2 dozen cookies. Drinks provided will be small waters, Coffee, and Hot chocolate with topping bar.
    3. Food Trucks: Cheesy Street will be onsight for you to purchase food. We are looking into another small truck or cart like hot dogs, pizza, etc.
    4. Silent Auction: We need 1 person per class to coordinate this effort. Bidding will end at 6:45.  All bid sheets need to be in the MPR at 7:00 and then families can begin to pay for artwork that they won.
    5. Thursday Clean up: After all the classes have gone through each classroom, the classes need to be cleaned up and purchased artwork brought to the MPR. We need as many people for this as possible.


Next meetings:  Friday, November 16,  at 11:00 am in the Multipurpose Room

Friday, December 7, 2018, time TBD.  This FTO meeting will focus entirely on Art & Poetry