Meeting minutes 1/26/18

Friday, January 26, 2018 at 11:20 am
Welcome Sign in sheet was passed around. If you happened to take it home by accident, please find a board member to give it to so we have record of who was at the meeting!
handouts were given for Spring event and Year book orders
Please have families sign up for emails –
Budget Updateon Art & Poetry–LorenaFor the Art Auction, we brought in $2584.21. That yields a profit of $84.21.  For Desserts/drinks, we brought in $1180.00.  That yields a profit of $595.86.  Overall, we are very pleased with how the event turned out.  Thanks to everyone for any help you provided. 
Expenditure approval for teacher spring disbursements: We distribute $250.00 to each teacher for them to use for their spring event which is usually a play or production of some kind. It was moved by Pam C to distribute this money.  It was seconded by Lisa.  Motion was unanimously approved.
Credit card fees: We have been looking into the possibility of the FTO being able to take credit cards for varying payments from parents. Here is what he have found that might work for us: 25 cents per card swipe + 2.7% of transaction as a fee for use.  We talked about whether parents would be willing to pay extra for their items in order to cover the fees so the FTO does not have to pay those fees.  It seemed like most in attendance were okay with paying those extra fees. 
Budget Misc. – We have received our first Box Tops check which was $391.30. And we received a check from MJ Thomas Photography for $164. Thanks to everyone who is submitting Box Tops and those who bought pictures!
Fundraisers H&R Block: Lori Shannon presented on using H&R Block for your taxes. This is a fundraising opportunity to the FTO.  You are able to go in to ANY H&R Block.  Take a 14-digit code, which will hopefully be provided next week.  Have your representative put in that 14-digit code and the FTO will receive $20.00 for each tax return done by H$R Block! 
Box Tops: upcoming deadline for submission is February 25 Please continue sending in your box tops even after this deadline.  One more submission will be sent in over the summer to make sure we don’t have any expired box tops that we are unable to submit.  Pizza party for winning box tops class will be announced in March and FTO will coordinate with class teacher for when that will occur. 
Smith’s Rewards program: We are set up with Smith’s Rewards to receive a check for each purchase you make at Smith’s. You will need to link your Smith’s card to our school by going online.  Sign in or create your account.  Then, choose Coyote Willow Family School as your designated school to donate to.  Our organization can be found by typing it in or our school code is FI452.  Let Monnie know if you have any issues.  She is able to help.
AmazonSmile: Another easy fundraising opportunity. Go to  Sign in to your account as you normally would.  Make sure to designate Coyote Willow Family School Family Teacher Organization as your organization to support. 
APSCents: You can sign up for this program by going to their website and entering your credit card information. Each time you make a purchase with that credit card, you can designate them to round up to the next dollar and donate to our school.  You can aloso put a monthly cap amount that you would like donated. 
Tummy Tickler Next TT: Friday, February 23 with Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Wong. Kathy will be the board member in charge. 
Hospitality committee – teacher lunches and Teacher appreciation February 16: Pam Schaafsma has agreed to coordinate this event
March 20: Pam Schaafsma has agreed to coordinate this event
May 11: Gale Jansics has agreed to coordinate this event
Teacher Appreciation week – May 8-11: Gale Jansics has agreed to coordinate this event.
Coffee in the Courtyard8:00 am beginning at drop-off: Fliers should be going out soon. Also seebulletin board in hallway for dates. February 2nd: Inquiry
February 23rd – Self-Assessment
March 16th – End of year report cards
Spring Event: Please see handout attached and sent home. The event will be on April 20th beginning at 5pm to 7 pm.  All are encouraged to participate and help with the event.  The theme is “Around the World”.  Each classroom will pick a country to explore.  They will provide a “taste” of food from that country, maybe play a game, dance, etc and simple dress for people of that country, etc.  FTO will charge 25 cents per ticket to participate.  We want this to be a fun, end of year event.
Yearbook: Please see flier that will be going home soon with your kids. Families can begin turning in order forms now through February 28, 2018.  The cost will be $10.00 per year book. 
Landscaping Update: We have purchased 4 trees for the school. Ruti is currently keeping them at her house and feeding/watering them.  1 tree will go in the courtyard.  The other 3 trees will go out front somewhere, depending on where we can get water to them.  We have also been given a grant for a Pollen Garden! 
School Zone on Irving: Please contact the City Council representative for our area: Cynthia Borrego. Her email address is You can also go to the city website and do an online request to contact her.  The more people that contact her about getting a school zone set up for our school, the better off we will be to get some action on this.
Donations Needed: A request has been made for any color twin or queen flat sheets to be donated. The area in the multipurpose room where the trees are being stored upstairs is needing to be covered up.  Thanks for your consideration. 
Elections for officers and event chairs will take place at the April meeting
Next meeting:  Friday, February 23rd at 11:20
Following months:  Friday, March 16th
                          Friday, April 20th