Meeting minutes 2/23/18

Friday, February 23, 2018 11:00am
Attendance: Kathy Patton, Kendra Duran, Monnie Bigger, Pam Christison, Martina Hammerel, Carrie Wiggins, Stephen Arnold, Anthony Duran, Pamela Schaafsma, Stephanie Quintana, Leigh Anne Montano, Gale Jancsics
Welcome Sign in sheet was passed around.
Please have your class families sign up for emails –
Budget AmazonSmile: We should be getting a check soon for just over $13.00. Thanks to those that have signed up and are using it!
Chipotle: FTO would get 50% profits. We are going to try to set up a date in April for this to happen.  It happens at only the location we pick. 
Fundraisers H&R Block: If you use them to do your taxes, please make sure to include the 14-digit code for our school and we will receive $20.00 for each tax return filed with them.
Box Tops: upcoming deadline for submission is February 25 Please continue sending in your box tops even after this deadline.  One more submission will be sent in over the summer to make sure we don’t have any expired box tops that we are unable to submit.  Pizza party for winning box tops class will be announced in March and FTO will coordinate with class teacher for when that will occur. 
Smith’s Rewards program: We are set up with Smith’s Rewards to receive a check for each purchase you make at Smith’s. You will need to link your Smith’s card to our school by going online.  Sign in or create your account.  Then, choose Coyote Willow Family School as your designated school to donate to.  Our organization can be found by typing it in or our school code is FI452.  Let Monnie know if you have any issues.  She is able to help.
AmazonSmile: Another easy fundraising opportunity. Go to  Sign in to your account as you normally would.  Make sure to designate Coyote Willow Family School Family Teacher Organization as your organization to support. 
APSCents: You can sign up for this program by going to their website and entering your credit card information. Each time you make a purchase with that credit card, you can designate them to round up to the next dollar and donate to our school.  You can aloso put a monthly cap amount that you would like donated. 
School Zone on Irving: We had a meeting with 4 CWFS parents in attendance on Monday, February 26.  We met with the BLUZ committee, which includes Cit of Albuquerque officials, APS officials, and others.  There seems to be NO plan to install a school zone or to slow traffic down in front of our school.  WE would ask each parent to call the phone numbers given here and ask that “speed enforcement” start happening in front of the school.  We are looking ar and planning what our next steps will be.  We need as many people as possible to represent our school so our voices are heard.  Stay tuned for more information.  APD NW Area Command: 768-4850
City of Albuquerque Traffic Division: 857-8421
Hospitality Committee: teacher lunches and Teacher Appreciation. All events have coordinators March 20th:
May 11th
Teacher Appreciation week: May 8-11
Coffee in the Courtyard: 8:00 am beginning at drop off March 16th: End of Year report cards.
Spring Event: Culture Fair. The event will be on April 20th beginning at 5pm to 7 pm.  All are encouraged to participate and help with the event.  The theme is “Around the World”.  At this time, not all representatives know what country their classroom picked, so make sure to coordinate with your teacher and find out what help they need.  They will provide a “taste” of food from that country, maybe play a game, dance, etc and simple dress for people of that country, etc.  FTO will charge 25 cents per ticket to participate.  We want this to be a fun, end of year event.   Food Trucks will be available.
Class Reps: please, please coordinate with your teachers and let them know what you can do to help lighten their load.
Yearbook: Deadline to order yearbook is Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Yearbooks are $10.00 Please turn in to the black FTO box in the office workroom.  Teachers cannot accept money!
Deadline to submit art work and 1st day school pictures is February 28, 2018. Please turn in artwork to your child’s teacher.  They have an envelope to keep them in. 
Landscaping Update: We have been told that the trees we purchased are not aloud to be put out in the front of the school. We will be putting those in the court yard.  There has been a consult with an APS landscaper and this is all that we know at this point.  More information to follow We have gotten a grant for a pollinator garden which will go in the courtyard.
Elections for officers and event chairs will take place at the April meeting
Recommitment to CWFS for the 2018-2019 school is April 13th. You must come in person to sign the paperwork on that day!
Security issues: Many ideas were presented regarding the security of our school. The idea was brought up to have the door to the courtyard lock so that anyone entering the school has to be “buzzed” into get access to the school.  There was also talk about having the same kind of door with a camera on the outside door to CWFS.  We talked about having parents sign up to patrol the grounds during school hours until such a time as more security measures are put into place.  Kathy said she will approach Adrianne on what the possibilities are and she will get back with us as soon as she can with some answers. 
Next meeting:  Friday, March 16 at 11:20
Following months: 
                          Friday, April 20th