Meeting minutes 3/16/18

Coyote Willow Family School FTO Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 16, 2018 at 11:20 am

  1. In attendance: Monnie Bigger, Wendi Carnell, Martina Hammerel, Carrie Engelstad, Lisa Justice, Rutana Avila, Pamela Schaafsma, Michael Santopolo, Lorena Brown, Jessica Holtey, Melissa Sacks, Carrie Wiggins, Lauren Gaudette, Leigh Anne Montano, Alana McCarraher, Margarita Levandowski, Pam Christison
  2. Welcome
    1. Please have families sign up for emails –
  • Budget – Lorena: Our budget is looking pretty well right now. We are a little bit ahead of what we have spent so looking forward, we are doing well.
  1. Fundraisers:
    1. H&R Block: If you have your taxes prepared by any H&R Block, they will donate $20.00 to Coyote Willow FTO. The coupon code for that is 40010001098056.  To date,  we have earned $100.00
    2. Box Tops: Monnie mailed the last submission on 02/28/2018. Today (3/20/2018), she got an email that the submission has been counted and we should receive around $269.40 + any app submissions
    3. Smith’s Rewards program: Please link your Smith’s Rewards card to CWFS so we receive a donation everytime you shop! You can go to the Kroger website to do this.  Our school code is FI452
    4. AmazonSmile: when you are making purchases on Amazon, please remember to log in at You use your same user name and password.  You set your donation be made to CWFS and the FTO will earn a small percentage of your purchase.
    5. APSCents: Go to coyotewillowfto,org for details and to sign up.
  2. School zone on Irving: 2 FTO members and 2 parents attended the BLUZ meeting that had representatives from APS, APD, and City traffic division. We were hoping to get some answers as to the plans for installing a school zone to slow traffic down on Irving for the safety of our kids.  The meeting revealed a few things but no one at this point knows of any plans to install a school zone or a safe crosswalk and no one wanted to say they would spend the money to do so.  FTO will continue to pursue this along with the parents that were in attendance.  And we will try to keep everyone up to date.
    1. Meet and greet with City Councilor Cynthia Borrego: Tuesday, March 20th, at 11am the same people that went to the BLUZ meeting are having a face-to-face meeting with our City Councilor to discuss our concerns and see how she may be able to further assist us.
  3. Coyote Keepers : Ms. Adrianne is looking for parents that may be interested in helping with an adult presence at the front of the school during school hours. Please talk with Ms. Adrianne if you are interested.  You must have an APS back ground check completed prior to being able to do this.
  • Spring Event: Culture Fair, Friday, April 20th 5-7 pm. Each class has picked a specific country to research and present at this fair.  There will be games, small food samples from the country represented, and just a fun night for all.  FTO will provide water.  FTO will be selling tickets for each game, food, etc for a low price.  Please check with your teachers to see how you may be of assistance in putting all of this together.
    1. Food trucks: we are trying to get the sweet pie truck, the cheesy street truck, and/or the hot dog cart to come. The MPR will be set up for families to eat together and socialize.
    2. Passports: FTO will provide a limited number of “passports” for each child to have stamped as they “go around the world” and have fun.
    3. Needs: We are in need of volunteers to help with clean up at the end. We also need 3 -4 small toddler tables with chairs.
    4. Activities: We are hoping for good weather so all activities, food samples, games,etc will be in the courtyard.
  • Hospitality committee: teacher lunches
    1. March 20: Pam S. has this one taken care of.
    2. May 11: Gale J. is coordinating this one.
  1. Teacher appreciation: FTO would like to see some fun things happen each day of the week for teacher appreciation week. Each class should organize what they would like to do for their teacher.  We had teachers fill out a little survey of their likes, etc.  You class representative has this list.  Please ask how you can help! Here is 1 example of what the parents in class have planned:
    1. Tuesday, May 8th: Breakfast brought to teacher at the beginning of school
    2. Wednesday, May 9th: Each child will be given the teacher’s favorite flower to take to him/her in class
    3. Thursday, May 10th: Each child will wear the favorite color of the teacher
    4. Friday, May 11th: a “bouquet” of gift cards will be presented to the teacher.
  2. Landscape and Campus clean-up: Friday, April 13th 8am to 1pm. Please contact Ruti Avila with any questions. We need as many people as possible to help, even if only for a little bit of the time.
    1. Supplies needed:
      1. Rakes
      2. Hoes
  • Scuffle hoes
  1. Spades
  2. Work gloves
  3. Trash bags
  • Sun protection
  • Nail hound/sweeper magnet
  1. Donations for Landscaping: if parents are interested in donating supplies, we could use the following:
    1. Landscaping Tools (as above)
    2. Lumber for raised beds
    3. Landscaping stones
    4. Large planters
    5. Low water cuttings or seedlings – check with Ruti
  • Recommitment Day: Friday, April 13th 8am to 1pm in the MPR. Class is in session this day. 
    1. Please remind your parents they have to come in that day to the MPR
  • FTO Elections: next year’sFTO board officers and event chairs will be elected during the April 20th In addition to the board positions, we will be looking for parents to lead the following:
    1. Hospitability
    2. Bulletin board and calendar
    3. Book Sale
    4. Yearbook
    5. Art & Poetry
    6. Fall Event – dance
    7. Spring Event


Next meeting:  Friday, April 20th at 11:20

Tummy Ticklers:  Friday, May 4th, immediately after school.  Adrianne’s and Travis’ class need to bring treats.  Lorena is in charge of this sale.