Meeting minutes 8/24/18

Friday, August 24, 2018 at 11:00am
Welcome Sign in sheet was passed around. Please see attached sign in sheet for those in attendance,.
Please have families sign up for emails – Families can go to to sign up from our website or they can fill out an FTO paper with information so Monnie can add them to the email list. 
Introductions: Present FTO Board: Rising FTO Board: Kathy Patton, President i. Pam Schaasma: President
Jessica Holtey, Vice President ii: Stephanie Quintana, Vice President
Lorena Brown, Treasurer iii. Amanda Darnell, Treasurer
Monnie Bigger, Secretary iv. Lindsay Dawson, Secretary
Business Update for by-laws: the by-laws were written in 2017 for the beginning of our school. Some updates were approved at this meeting. The FTO Board: The idea has been presented to have a rising board that will shadow the present board members so the following year the rising board members become the present FTO board members. This is a 3 year commitment for all board members but it allows for new board members to have a mentor to help them learn the position before they are actually in that role. Year 1: Rising board.  Year 2: Present board. Year 3: Past board. Carrie Wiggins motioned to add the language of the presented paperwork by Lorena for rising board, present board, and Past board to the by-laws. Motion was seconded by Pam Christison.  A unanimous positive vote was given by all in attendance with no objections.
Classroom Representatives: Adrienne has changed the requirements for being a classroom representative and written a policy on it. Motion was made by Pam Christison to adopt that language into our FTO by-laws.  Motion was seconded by Carrie Wiggins.  A unanimous positive vote was given by all in attendance with no objections. 
Financials Lorena: We have received about ¼ of the fine arts allotments from families. We appreciate those who have donated.  We ask if you have not donated, to please do so as soon as you are able so the FTO is able to distribute the first monies to teachers for Art & Poetry.
We have created a budget for this school year. If anyone is interested in seeing the details, please ask Lorena.  
Fundraisers Chipotle: Monday, August 27 from 5-9 pm at The Chipotle at 3400 NM 528 NW Sutie B Be sure to have a copy of the flier either printed or on your phone and present to cashier before paying.You can also just tell the cashier but you must do so before paying.
Box Tops: We are doing a school year long competition! The class that collects the most by the end of the year will get a pizza party from the FTO!  There are several ways to earn money through box tops Boxtops App: this is an easy way to receive quite a bit of money for our school. You will need to sign up for a Boxtops account, and then sign in on the app.  You will designate Coyote Willow Family School as your school to support.  Then you will choose the offers you want to redeem.  You scan your receipt and then wait for it to be approved.  If you do this, please email to let Monnie know how much you submitted for and which class your child is in. 
Clipping: You can clip boxtops off participating products. Each classroom has a collection bin or you can put into the mailbox inside the school hallway.  Please make sure to put the teacher’s name on them so that classroom gets credit.
Smith’s Rewards program: We are set up with Smith’s Rewards to receive a check for each purchase you make at Smith’s. You will need to link your Smith’s card to our school by going online.  Sign in or create your account.  Then, choose Coyote Willow Family School as your designated school to donate to.  Our organization can be found by typing it in or our school code is FI452.  Let Monnie know if you have any issues.  She is able to help.
AmazonSmile: Another easy fundraising opportunity. Go to  Sign in to your account as you normally would.  Make sure to designate Coyote Willow Family School Family Teacher Organization as your organization to support. 
Caring Cents: You can sign up for this program by going to their website and entering your credit card information. Each time you make a purchase with that credit card, you can designate them to round up to the next dollar and donate to our school.  You can also put a monthly cap amount that you would like donated. 
Landscape: We are in need of a parent who likes to work with the school and APS on our landscaping. We have some trees that will need to be planted soon so let a board member know if you are interested. 
Upcoming Events: Next Tummy Ticklers:November 16, 2018 right after school
State Fair Days: Monday, September 10. More information will be distributed soon.
Fall Fiesta: Friday, September 21, 2018 at 5-7 pm Theme = History of Ice Cream “Social” More details to follow
School Pictures: Friday, September 28
Jacket Jumble: Friday, October 5, 2018 time TBD
Used Book Sale: Friday, October 19, 2018 8am – 1pm
Art & Poetry: Wednesday, December 19, 2018
School Zone Concerns: Please call the APD NW Command Area and request more APD patrol during drop off and pick up times due to traffic not slowing down for our school zone. Their phone number is 505-768-4850
Contact our district city council member, Cynthia Borrego. She has been very helpful in getting the current school zones signs installed but we believe there is more she can do, such as having a “hawk” signal in to flash lights for our school zone.  Here is her contact information:
Contact City of Albuquerque Traffic Division: 505-857-8421. Express your concerns of vehicles not slowing down for the school zone and ask for more enforcement. 
Next meeting:  Friday, September 28 at 11:00