Meeting minutes 8/25/17

Date: Coyote Willow Family School

Location: 7125 Irving Blvd NW

In attendance:  Jessica Holtey,  Monnie Bigger, Verma Clark, Kathy Patton, Lorena Brown, Carrie Wiggins, Rutyana Avila, Alana McCarraher, Sherry Reser, Lauren Gaudette, VermaMiera Clark, Nicole Portillo, Brianna Rich, Leigh Ann Montano, Wendi Carnell, Joni Griego, Layal Amis, Sacha Bikhazi, Jaimie Miner, CynthisCilleros, Amanda Darnell, Susan Kugelmann, Kendra Duran, Pamela Schaafsma, Martina, Hammerel, Lori Shannon

 Called to order at 11:20 am

FTO officers introduced:

  • Kathy Patton: President
  • Jessica Holtey: Vice President
  • Lorena Brown: Treasurer
  • Monnie Bigger: Secretary


  • Lorena explained a little about our FTO budget. Currently we have $815.00 from money collected during  the first week of school.  This includes t-shirt sales and donations that families have given.  We are asking each student to donate $40.00, if possible.  This will greatly help fund the expenditures the FTO will have throughout the year so we can support our students and teachers.  This also allows us to have less fundraisers!
  • Contributions Received: Desert Willow was gracious enough to give us some start up money. The FTO board members are in the process of applying for non-profit status.  We have our Tax ID#.  And we have purchased our required insurance.

Expenditure Approvals:

  • Teacher gifts for Fall 2017: At Desert Willow, the FTO donated $250.00 to each teacher in the fall and again in the spring. This money is to help the teacher off-set costs for the art and poetry night in the fall plus whatever event we plan for the spring.  We do not require the teachers to submit receipts.  This is a donation to them that we are certain will be used for the classroom.  The teachers will likely spend more than what we are able to donate to them.  Lorena motioned to approve $250.00/teacher be distributed as soon as FTO is able.  Rutyana Avila seconded the motion.  Motion was approved unanimously by all in attendance.
  • Math Blocks Classroom sets: These sets are very important for each classroom to have because they are what are used when our students are learning math. FTO would like to buy 5 sets. Lorena Brown motioned to approve buying 5 sets of math blocks.  Verma Clark seconded the motion.  Motion was approved unanimously by all in attendance.
  • Black Fabric: This is really needed for the art and poetry night. Each teacher will use it in their classroom.  Lorena did some pricing.  The total cost will be $243.25.  We will divide the bolt of fabric evenly among the teachers so everyone gets some.  Lorena Brown motioned to approve buying the fabric.  Leigh Anne Montano seconded the motion.  Motion was approved unanimously by all in attendance.

T-Shirt Sales:

  • We have lot of children size t-shirts left from our initial order.
  • Sales: We will be selling t-shirts after school for the next 3 Fridays. We need some volunteers to coordinate this effort.  You will need to show up a little before the end of school.  1 FTO member will be there to help with the collection/counting of monies.  Currently, we are able to take checks and cash only.
  • Future orders of t-shirts: We are thinking we will probably send out a flyer with the students and parents can pre-order various sizes of t-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts. FTO will then make an order with our supplier and get the shirts to you.  Going forward, we may set up an online store for you to order from directly.

September 8th Planning Meeting: During this meeting, we would like to discuss some topics more in detail.  We don’t have enough time today to go over all the details.

  • Yearbook
  • Used Book Sale
  • Art and Poetry

Box Tops:

  • Please start collecting them for our school. Each box top is worth 10 cents JThere are 3 ways parents and family members can help to increase the amount of box tops we are able to collect as a school.
    • Sign up for a Box Top account at Make sure to select Coyote Willow Family School as the school you would like your monies to be given to.  You can find tons of information on their website plus you can enter sweepstakes for our school to win!
    • Download the Bonus Box Top App (android and iOS). Sign in to your account.  You can look at the offers and scan your receipts with your phone camera making extra money for our school.
    • Clip Box Tops you see on packages. Ask neighbors, friends, relatives to collect them for your child’s school.  Put your clipped Box Tops in a baggie with your child’s teacher’s name and have your child drop it in the box top container in their classroom.

At the end of the school, the FTO will be doing a pizza party for the class that collected the most.  And we may have prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well J


Yearbook and Photography:

  • Meredith from Desert Willow has graciously offered to help with our year book this year. We are in need of some volunteers that would be willing to take pictures at events and inside the classrooms.
  • We would also like to find a volunteer that would be willing to work along Meredith so that in future years, you and others will know the process for putting the year book together.


  • We have a Closed Group account on Facebook. Search for Coyote Willow FTO Group.  You will have to request to be in the group.  This will be a place to share information and ask questions.

State Fair and Pumpkin Patch:

  • These are family field trips that are organized outside of school and do not involve the teachers doing field trips. They will be coordinated for days that school is not in session or on short day Fridays.  Jessica Holtey is coordinating these.  Be watching for emails and FB posts for further information.  To contact Jessica:
    • Classroom Reps: it would be helpful to Jessica if you could coordinate your families in your classrooms and then get the information to Jessica. Probably would be a good idea to get a list of students/families and the contact information (like email, phone, etc) so you are able to gather that information quickly.  You might also be able to have your teacher put the information out on Class Dojo, if your teacher is using it.

Committee and Event Chairs:

  • We are passing around a sign upsheet for the needs FTO currently has. PLEASE sign up to help.  We are still in need of Class Representatives for the following classes: Ms. Helen, Ms. Monica, and Ms Vanessa.  You can contact Kathy Patton at Coyotewillowfto@gmail.comto inquire about what other positions are still needed.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Planning Meeting: Friday, September 8, 2017 at 11:00
  • Next FTO Meeting: Friday, September 23, 2017 at 11:20
  • Used Book Sale: Friday, October 20, 2017 8:00 – 1:00 pm
  • Picture Day: Friday, October 27, 2017 all day