Meeting minutes 9/28/18

Friday, September 28, 2018 at 11:00 am

  1. Welcome:
  2. Attendance: Jessica Pickett, Stephanie Quintana, Pamela Schaafsma, Carrie Wiggins, Jessica Holtey, Lindey Dawson, Lorena Brown, Amanda Darnell, Chelsey Rodgers, Jessica Archibeque, Rachel Mack, Rutyana Avila, Connie Beatty, Martina Hammerel, Melissa Sacks, Monnie Bigger, Abigail Eaves, Brittany Mullins, Lauri Teythieu, Verma Clark
  3. FTO Email: Please have families sign up for emails –
  4. Adrianne’s School Newsletter: She is not printing copies to be sent home. Your teachers should be emailing out a copy to each parent in their class so make sure your teacher has your correct email address. You can also go to the APS website and find CWFS and it’s posted there as well.
  5. Introductions:
    • Ruti Avila: Our landscape coordinator. Anyone who is interested in having input as to the landscape of our school, please see Ruty Avila.  She would like to meet once a month to see what can be done about the lack of landscaping and all the weeds!
  6. Financials: Lorena, treasurer
    • Update and change for Service Learning: We don’t need a bus for service learning this year due to there only being a few students in 7th We have checked with the insurance and with APS policies and parents can drive students as long as they have a background check, provide proof of current car insurance, and a valid driver’s license.  This is an expense the FTO had budgeted for this year.  We won’t be needing those funds.  But we might need to budget them for next year since we will have more students in 7th and 8th grade.
    • 8th grade graduation: We need to be looking at some plans and budgeting for next school year because we will have our first students leaving Coyote Willow to attend High School.
    • Utilizing funds for books and supplies: We would like to take the funds that we had budgeted for Service Learning transportation and do something that would benefit the teachers in the classroom. It has to be something APS is not able to provide within their budget.  Our ideas and ideas Ms. Adrianne came up with sere Globes and world maps for the classrooms.  If you have any other ideas, please let us know.
  7. Fundraisers:
    • Chipotle – earned $279.35
    • Future restaurant fundraiser: Looking at Menchies, Panera, and Pizza 9. Pizza 9 does an all day fundraiser so that would be convenient for families to do on a Friday at lunch time as well.
    • Box Tops: Please turn in by October 15th. We are still doing a class competition with an end of year party for the class that collects the most Boxtops!!!!
    • Smith’s: If you haven’t already enrolled your Smith’s card, please do so through your Smith’s online account. CWFS receives a portion of your spending at no cost to you!
    • Amazon Smile: When using Amazon, make sure you go the Amazon Smile website and designate CWFS as your place to benefit. A portion of what you spend comes right to the school.  You can shop on your regular Amazon account or the App and put things in your cart and then make sure to check out through Amazon Smile so CWFS gets the credit!
    • Caring Cents: You can enroll your credit cards in this program and each time you use your credit card, it will round up to the next dollar amount and that amount will be donated to the school. You can set a cap amount for each month so you only donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.
  8. Fine Arts Program:
    • Received amount thus far: $2875.00. We need parents to consider donating $40.00 per student, if they haven’t already.  Funds can be spread throughout the year.  We would like to 100% cover the Art & Poetry funds and the spring play. This is $250.00 per teacher fall andThe monies we give the teachers supports the classroom directly.  This is over and above what APS normally supports, which frankly, is not much!  Please give if you have not already done so.  We would like to avoid having to do fundraisers J
  9. Update on past events
    • Tummy Ticklers: raised $162.00. Kathy sent invites to parents through sign-up genius to the parents in each classroom. It seemed to work well and we didn’t have a lot of left overs.
    • Fall Fiesta: Lorena reports it went very well. We learned a few things along the way but overall, everyone had positive feedback and had a good time.  FTO made about $210.00 after expenses.  Expenses included the outside lights that were installed and will be used to Art and Poetry, which was something we had not planned in budget.  So, thanks for your help!
  10. Upcoming Events:
    • School pictures: September 28 – today
    • Albuquerque Aloft: October 5,6:45 am CWFS will have a hot air ballon inflate and launch from our field!  FTO will provide donuts and hot chocolate for those that RSVP to the event.
    • Coffee in the Courtyard: October 5 Time: 8:00, at drop off time
    • Jacket Jumble: October 5, to follow Albuquerque Aloft and Coffee in the Courtyard (10:00 am)
    • Art & Poetry: December 19, 5:00-7:30 pmAuction will be from 5-7pm.
      1. We will be putting together committees and looking for classroom coordinators in the next few weeks. We will need LOTS of volunteers for this event!
  11. Used Book Sale: Friday, October 19, 8:00 to 1:00 pm Please bring your used books to the MPR or find the drop off boxes at the entry to the school! Fliers/Brown paper bags were distributed on Friday. We will be selling CWFS tote bags at the book sale as well as Smencils. Classes will be brought in during the day for the sale so make sure to send a small amount of $$ if you would like your child to buy some books/games, etc.

Next meeting:  Friday, October 26th,  at 11:00 am in the Multipurpose Room