What is the FTO?

The Family Teacher Organization is a non-profit organization (501c3) created to support students, teachers and staff of Coyote Willow Family School. We organize community events, conduct fundraisers, and help facilitate communication between staff and student families.


Who is the FTO?

The FTO  consists of all parents and legal guardians of children attending Coyote Willow Family School, students, all faculty, all administrative personnel, and all staff of Coyote Willow Family School. No membership dues are required. 


What is the Function of the FTO?

In order for the FTO to function effectively, we need members to get involved. At the beginning of the year, each classroom is asked to select a Classroom Representative to make sure the families in their classroom know what is happening with FTO and vice versa. However, ALL are invited and encouraged to attend our regular FTO meetings where we discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, budget planning, volunteer needs and address questions from the community. We value feedback from all our  members and require your input to make decisions that benefit all in our school.  Members are welcome to request additional information about FTO policies and budget.


FTO Board- 2023-2024

  • Shaelie Osses – President
  • Jessica Jeffery – Vice President
  • Jess Rivera – Treasurer
  • Kayla Nelson – Secretary

Board Positions and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of FTO Board

FTO By-Laws

FTO By-Laws

In addition to the Board Members, the FTO relies heavily on the assistance of many Chairpersons. Some of these chair positions include:

  • Fundraising
  • Service Learning
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Spirit Gear
  • Art & Poetry Coordinator
  • Fall Literacy Fair
  • Used Book Sale
  • Genius Fair
  • Yearbook
  • Bulletin Board
  • Community Outreach

If you are interested in serving as an FTO Board Member or Chairperson, please reach out!!

Description of Chair Positions

Used Book Sale Chair :

Used Book Sale Responsibilities

Fundraising Chair:

Fundraising Responsibilities

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